***IMPORTANT*** Game-breaking portal bug!

I assumed there was only one portal per planet, so this would send me back to the portal I came from which refuses to let me interact with it. If there is more than one portal per planet, it might work…

I’m unsure if it is a bug or a feature.

I did planets visits with 1.32 patch, grabbing stuff, without portal being blocked.

1.35 patch notes: “Prevented portals from being incorrectly left enabled at times they shouldn’t be”

Also lore of glyph/graves said something like: travelers travelled through portals and they died because of that.

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I’d like to believe Hello Games didn’t mean to intentionally maroon players on planets with no way to get their starship back.

The current state of portals renders them useless as you can’t even visit a friend for a few minutes and walk around with them for a bit without getting hopelessly trapped on a planet. If Hello Games did this intentionally they just flushed months of working on portals to make them active down the drain by making it a useless feature.

Just a question - Has anyone tried to reproduce this making sure that no mods are installed/active?

I’m on PS4.

Okay, I did a series of videos experimenting with this bug and trying to escape the planet after the portal closed and I was trapped. It has a happy, albeit embarrassing for me, end.


And finally, what I should have done in the first place, a video proving there actually is a bug that makes the portal close behind you, at least temporarily.


@MacForADay Useful series on the getting trapped with portal closing.

Seems even more obvious now how we are truly not supposed to have access to our ship. Makes me wonder if HG is planning to make changes to prevent the current known way to re-locate > claim Base > back through Portal > Space Station > Teleport to this new Base, have Ship … Also wonder now if doing so keeps the system void of any space ships as you showed or if this does not affect it due to having gone back through the portal again to then use a teleport instead.


They should just make it so you can’t claim a base after going through a portal. Making the portal close isn’t the way to go.

I agree and no, making the portal close is not a solution, but appears to be a bug, even more so with the portal eventually opening up again, however that happens. I would however actually prefer to see the portal close again with some interesting mechanic to re-open it. The easy way of course being forced to activate it again, like we already do.

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Most likely a bug yet I cant help wonder if HG added a little quirk to portals (given proc.gen is their forte) so that occasionally an active portal may close up for a bit or need triggering by spending a bit of time exploring.
I have no evidence to substantiate this train of thought but with some of the lore suggesting a portal trip could be fatal, would it not stand to reason that the occasional ‘stranded traveller’ experience might be included?
I’ve noticed that if one spends a considerable amount of time on a planet (especially exploring in one general direction) then ‘finds’ seem to sometimes increase in quality/number. Almost a reward for actually exploring rather than just show up, claim the planet, then leave.
With that as a concept that time and distance in a biome might have an effect on what happens, might that also include a misbehaving portal.

Just a theory…


Hope I never run into any of you guys as a ghost traveler pointing the way to your grave marker :scream:


All of the videos I have seen of so far show people meeting around a portal without letting it close.

So I pose these further experimental suggestions:

  1. Has anyone checked to see if another player can activate the portal for you from afar?
  2. Has anyone checked that another player can “guard” the portal while the other explores further?
  3. If 2 players explore the same planet from the same portal, does it reactivate for both at the same time?

@MacForADay I would volunteer to help you investigate the portals further, but I am still collecting glyphs (as quickly as I can :slight_smile: )

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Finally found a workaround for this bug thanks to a tip from one of my livestream viewers.


If I wasn’t so intent on reacquiring my inventory every time a bunch of pirates made my life a misery, a visit to my system would have been a wander through a graveyard.:skull_and_crossbones::flushed:

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This was recently brought to my attention by another member. I seem to have something of a reverse issue…

My homeworld at the Centers’ edge of the Euclid galaxy has a portal very near to a very busy Trading Post. (~2 minute walk) This could theoretically give everyone a convenient shortcut to the Center of the galaxy!

-Come through the Portal
-Stroll up the hill to the Trading Post.
-Buy a cheap ship.
-Fly to the Center!

I have activated the Portal, retrieved its address, and posted it on this board. However, everyone that has attempted to visit this world has been sent to my solar systems’ sister planet, which has no known resources to get off-world. (So far just an Abandoned Structure) Thankfully no one has been stranded, as you were temporarily, but a couple of people seemed to be sorely disappointed in the wasted trip.

Your scientific accounting of your stranding has given me a framework to explore this issue and see if there is a workaround, but I have a feeling that there is no feasible way to create a “shortcut” to the Center. But the difference is I have access to my ship! So I can engage in wholesale mapping of the planet. I have also left an Exocraft bay, Beacon, and a “Billboard” advertising my Restaurant, (yes, I went there :wink: ), next to the other Portal for anyone intrepid enough to want to explore this planet on the ground. Beware, it is an Extreme Radiation planet:

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OK, so I was going to just add onto my last post, but this seems like it might be important enough for its own post, so here it goes…

I found a crashed ship about a 23 minute hike from this Portal’s coordinates. I have pictures of it. I walked up to it and “touched” it. I set down a Beacon, a Save Point, and a Message Pod next to it. It’s there, folks. That means if others can confirm its existence as well, you have your shortcut to the Center of Euclid.

Are there any other ways I can mark this location for others to see? Please let me know.

Hopefully I’ve found a Game-Breaking Portal Bug that’s actually helpful to fellow Travellers.