I'm ready (portal watching)


I’m on a nice winter planet, beacon near the portal, ready for whatever happens.


I’m doing the same lol


It feels like Christmas :slight_smile: waiting is part of the fun, I have plenty to do in game until it drops :slight_smile: I’m really enjoying just spending days on a planet and really getting a sense of it and noticing it’s nuances.


no portals in my Hub system i have my base but i’ve seen a few systems nearby named Portal. May have to take a trip after work to track them down depending on what today brings us… no emails yet. :wink:


Man those are some lovely screenshots, Love the first one and the aerial one but dont let that detract from the runway up to the portal screenshot, that is also awesome.

Is it just me, or does the game always look twice as good when you are looking at other peoples screenshots?!

I’m certain this is ps4 due to the fact you didnt just do a screengrab, but I can see a keyboard… but Ican also see a vita (or maybe psp?) so I’m not sure.

Havent seen a Portal since november I think, but then again I haven’t been seeking them out at all, must track one down before all sorts of cosmic hell breaks loose


Yeah, PS4, I wish I could share directly to etarc from the console :slight_smile: Vita confirmed, and the keyboard is for the laptop that we hook up to the tv.


Yeah, I hope I’m not at work when the update drops :stuck_out_tongue:


Fell free to add me on PSN - ChristianHour (I wish i could change it to toddumptious :frowning: )

My PS4’s been getting neglected because I picked up a PC copy a month ago on steam sales but I will be experiencing 1.3 first and foremost on console come that day.


Done! Did you request to join the waking titan group on PS4?


Nah been in work the last few hours, will have to wait til I get in, though I think, if one hasn’t been made already, when I get home I’ll create an ETARC community on ps4 :slight_smile:


Good idea!


Good thing I’m not ‘parked in front of a portal’ :stuck_out_tongue: I’ve been exploring the heck outta this planet, and I have not gotten bored yet. I have a beacon at the portal (as I mentioned in my initial post) so I can go back anytime, especially if a quest to unlock the portal appears. I’ve upgraded my alien gun to an S class along the way. I think the only people to get disappointed with the update are those that create unrealistic expectations. I don’t expect anything from No Man’s Sky and I am constantly surprised :smiley:


I know when it came out everyone was hateing on it and I was just like where the heck is my v2 pass and o look at that rhino butterfly horse how majestic :smile:


Haha awesome :smiley:


I agree. They probably won’t just start working. I mean we pretty much needed to work to get everything to this point in NMS and the ARG, I doubt they would just flip a switch and bam they’re on for everyone. But I might recommend looking for noticeable differences on or around the portal that may give us a clue on how to open it. So being next to a portal on patch day may not be such a bad idea.


That takes me back! Ya don’t see many rhino butterfly horses these days, I think they went to war with the space crabs and they thinned eachothers numbers out during foundation update.

@DuckDuck I remember the lengths people went to figure those portals out. Moving golden Albuerman Pearls (or are they Orbs?) to crazy places, trying to find reason in proc genned patterns and shapes at the bases of monoliths (sorry but, its just created by a basic algorithm, theres no science to it I’m afraid), thinking the flags at crashed ships were unique and described where to find key portal elements on the planet, oh the list is exhaustive. I admire the tenacity of portal hunters such as yourself, but it broke my heart knowing it was most likely all in vain. But the important thing is, it sparked your imaginations and it gave you purpose in a game with no purpose :slight_smile:


In the 800 hours I’m playing NMS. I’m only find 4 portals (yet).
3 of them was when I’m came from orbit directly to a planet, just one time with just flying around.

I never understand how do I have to find them? Plain luck I guess…

Still curious what will happen when they can be actived…


Wish I knew too! I found a couple in my early hours but 1 new game and hundreds of planets later I’ve never found another. I’ve tried the Ruins ‘trick’ several times and just end up flying to nowhere…


they say there is a way to do it through looking through the flags at the monuments but its a 50/50 chance for most some say they always find one


there was never any correlation there though, it jsut so happened the way the monoliths/plaques were generated was along a grid network. If you walked long enough from one you would eventually hit another one, and the odds were that eventually the percentile chance of one of them generating a portal would pop up.

This method stopped working after 1.2 (or maybe 1.1?) I believe because they changed the way the game places the sturctures. Same story with the flags at crashed ships, people thought they were unique to each planet and even guided you to solving things but, look, the proc gen in NMS just isn’t that advanced, advanced enough to make textures from shapes, hence the uniquity of the symbols at the base of monoliths/plaques etc, but its not advanced enough to proc gen unique and elaborate planet wide puzzles. I don’t mean to burst anyones bubble but hey, maybe im a stubborn “know-it-all” and I’m talking out my ass about crap I don’t know anything about. Here’s hoping I am, for the portal enthusiasts and all the efforts they put in ove the last 12 months.