I Think Waking Titan Just Contacted Me On My Stream

The previous legit youtube links did not affect any outcome, so they are likely just bonus bread crumbs. I don’t think everything has to be a groundbreaking lead that unlocks 100 steam keys. I believe they are just having fun, like most of us are.


My theory is that all the songs are favorites of the Hello Games team. They chose ones somewhat related to the ARG’s themes, while some, like “Groove is in the Heart” isn’t really related at all.


Didn’t someone link all the songs to Mercury records?

no, not all songs, only 2 I believe

We have ;

Huey Lewis And The News - Back In Time
David Bowie. The Man Who Sold The World (1970)
Kavinsky - First Blood (Official Audio)
Kraftwerk - Computer Love
Arcade Fire - Supersymmetry

Deee Lite - Groove is in the Heart

btw Space Channel 5 Musical game was heavily inspired by Deee Lite. There was even a court case over it.

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Wasn’t “Run, Lola, run” ost, there, too?


It was Believe by Franka Potente

yeah, run lola run
i always associated her red hair as a RGB reference too, lol

Franka Potente - Believe IMDB page (Known for her ever-changing hair color)

David Bowie. The Man Who Sold The World (Divine Symmetry, BBC acoustic session)

Kavinsky - First Blood (from “OutRun” album)

Arcade Fire - Supersymmetry (from ‘Her’ film)

Huey Lewis And The News - Back In Time (from ‘Back to the Future’ film)

Kraftwerk - Computer Love (German super tekno geeks)


A couple things that tie it:

  • the song was originally sung in German, and we’ve had several German links from Atlas Foundation
  • the song is a different perspective to David Bowie’s Space Oddity.

But unless we can verify the authenticity of the account, I remain very skeptical that this is an official communication.

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If it was official, would that mean anything in particular? General consensus seems to be that it would be filed under “neat bread crumb, now let’s keep digging!”

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It’s hard to say. They may be clues from someone/thing in Atlas Foundation trying to communicate with us, and if so that’s important because we don’t know how those could be used later on. I don’t know if the movie links will ever prove useful, but who knows? I think regardless it’s important to know for sure if it’s a troll or something real.

It interacted with Cobra in a more frivolous manner… But subtle, except defending EL honour, which was weird… We might be uploading too many chimes.

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Nice to know that

It also may be relevant that Run Lola Run has several alternative timelines, which fits thematically with the “multiverse” concept. I also tend to think that these are just side references rather than clues per se, but that would seem to be the most relevant link here.

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My very first thoughts is that this relates to the Calibration Process and map. The computer has the evidence No ne = new? As in no new photos are being uploaded.
second stage = phase 2? As in phase 2 is being cut.
Starting to collect requested data as in starting to collect e-mails for the physical Atlas passes.


Just throwing this into the mix as something I find interesting or coincidental. After searching the history of major tom songs I came across David Bowies Blackstar single and after seeing the cover design for that song it just reminds me so much of the waking titan site with the glyphs at the bottom etc. Also searching imdb for blackstar it come up with a 1981 cartoon about an astronaut stranded on a primitive planet. What or if any of this means anything I don’t know I just feel like if there is a link in any of this then you are the guys to tell.



The flag for BOLZANO (one of the earlier glyph passwords) is a star too. Pretty common thing to find on flags or elsewhere for that matter.

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Looking at the Twitch page’s chat section, you would see it as wakingtitan without any spaces. Seems Fake.

Noo that’s the real 730 Followers, and 10 000 Viewer