I feel like this whenever a new clue/puzzle comes out


Might be dating myself with this oneā€¦ :slight_smile:

This means somethingā€¦


Me as well.


ā€œI canā€™t describe it, what iā€™m feeling, what iā€™m thinkingā€¦ This mean somethingā€¦ Something importantā€

:rofl: so true!


Weā€™ve been living that life at NMSPortals since November :joy: :rofl:


Iā€™ve been feeling like this ever since i became a ā€˜2nd generationā€™ losing all my legitimately bug-stacked spoils-of-exploration :roll_eyes: ā€¦ I couldnā€™t bear to start-over :scream: , that was until the foundation/path-finder updates dropped and my 48slot beauty :heart_eyes: was replaced with a 48 slot haul-ass :disappointed_relieved: - Now hundreds of systems later and a new dimension, its all about the journey :rocket:, not the destinationā€¦ Sorry for taking this ā€˜off-topicā€™ topic even further off-topic!

On topicā€¦ I would love to do more for ā€˜the CSDā€™ - just by the time iā€™ve started trying to figure something, the brainiacs have it figured - hope the LVL4 passes are distributed randomly :pray: