Hello dear Travellers
Normal Mode sorry
System name: Likholu
Distance to core: 0 LY
This Base is located on PS4 Euclid Galaxy.
My Base is on a very nice but cold planet. It got plenty of Fauna, heaps of flora and forrests, and the climate is not too raw. Almost no storms at all.
It is located on the Planets pole, the sun literally never sets at my base. My Solar modules are beasting!
Visit it, it has a red Signal booster. The coordinates should be visible.

Little Story about this Base:
After a long journey trough the Universe i have seen a lot come and go, and most importantly a lot of changes that happened in the past. I was here when this place was young and the universe it was about was too.
Once on my home Planet, i have build a base called the Lab101, its famous for being a 15 hour by foot trip, or 8 hours by exocraft. Back when portals were introduced you could not bring your ship.

As i continued my journey, i forgot about Lab101 and had several other Labs build around the universe, all in random places.

Which brings us to the current screenshots:
This is my current Lab101 and it is a modified version of my original lab, apparantly on the same system, but still another one.
This base is located in Likholu. My system got apparently wiped out during the universal expansion resets, and i noticed it not long ago.
Give it a shot, visit me, and you will notice you are IN the galactic core. This is the absolute galactic core, and it is the closest, visible system in ALL galaxies. It can be reached from every galaxy and is consistant.
You can find my base on the Icy Planet, it has a RED signal booster icon, don’t bother with the other ones firstly :slight_smile:


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