Hitrecord X Ubisoft : BG&E2 OST

Hey guys I thought I’d share this here as we’re all big Sci fi nerds and gamers and some of us are even musical :slight_smile:

I’ve been part of the Hitrecord community for several years.

In short we are a collaborative online community that also acts as a production company, we make art of all shapes and sizes together from fun little community projects to funded projects or maybe turning a community project into a funded project etc.

Well big news on campus this week is that Ubisoft has approached hitrecord to contribute music to the games OST :slight_smile:

They’re also looking for visual art assets too so lots to take part in

Having loved VG soundtracks since the early nineties, been waiting for a beyond good and evil sequel my entire adult life and been a hit record member for 7 years now, it’s amazing how the universe has presented me with all three in one place :slight_smile:

is the website URL, signing up is free and before you wonder what the catch is. There is none, you retain full ownership over all content and get paid for anything that gets used on funded projects etc.

E. G, let’s say you write a single sentence. And someone takes that sentence and sings it to a song that somebody else uploaded like two years ago, then more instruments get added by other people, maybe someone expands the lyrics off that sentence, hell maybe someone makes a video inspired by the music or a painting or something.

All those creations link back to yours, if any iteration happens to get used, you as the catalyst of that single sentence will receive majority pay from the breakdown and everyone else that came after will also receive payment.

It’s like a weird artist utopia for hobbyists or people who chose family over a creative career etc.


That is so awesome! Thanks for sharing. :sunglasses:


This one ?


Yeah that’s the one :slight_smile: someone who’s talents I’m very much in awe of has already added some little vocal ideas.

The song thematically is originally about the history of violence and discrimination the women of Ireland have endured, especially in the last couple of decades when the Church very much had a strangle hold on the state. Its about trying to have a clear voice among all the confusion and fear (we were gearing up to fight our anti abortion laws and also a very high profile rape trial involving international rugby professionals was taking place when I wrote this)

I’m curious to see what the community turns it into as art is entirely subjective and that’s the best thing about it :slight_smile:

Edit: wanted to separate this from the main post in case it was confusing

Edit: So I just realised one of the community curators for music highlighted one of the songs I made on my smart phone to be remixed by the community so while I’m here I’m gonna toot my own horn :postal_horn:


So you created a new kind of music. The “pooping/waiting for pizzza time”. Not sure it is the name that History will keep but it is yours. :rofl:

I didn’t know that FL had a mobile studio.


That’s great news @toddumptious! Our CSD community reaches out to the world!! :smiley:

Btw I just want to remind you that we used that Ukulele track on our CSD Games teaser trailer for W/ARE… Most likely this doesn’t mean anything, but you should keep track of where your foot-… ehem soundprints are left!

Here is the trailer with your music in it! (this song is played first at 1:32 and then again looped starting 2:58)


That is so cool, Andrew! Congrats! :heart:


GL Man!

Community ftw!

I hope you get your trax PLAYED!


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Out of likes but I owe you one :slight_smile:

Hopefully I get my PC fixed in time to contribute to the project :joy: