Games and Game-Related (not NMS) old and new

I have played all the major Bethesda games. I still have many of them installed - I go back for replays now and then.

I don’t use mods, and I never have. I’ve never needed them. The games have generally worked fine for me, and when there’s been a genuinely serious bug, Bethesda have patched it pretty quickly.

I’m sure modders have a lot of fun doing what they do, and good luck to them.


regarding Starfield, am a bit sad that there are no space to planet transitions

i’ll keep an eye on it though


I had tons of issues with Fallout 4 on the xbox. And used numerous mods to fix issues. cant say anything about stability on other platforms. but hard crashed a lot.

i have fallout 76…still in plastic…just haven’t had time to try it and…not much of a drive to really.

I am hopeful for starfield…I hated fallout animations…hoping these are better. hard to tell by trailer.

Likely a buy…day one??? dunno.


Has anyone played A Plague Tale? Don’t know why I want to fight off hordes of plague-infested rats but, the game is on sale in Steam for the next couple of days