Games and Game-Related (not NMS) old and new

In fact, many source of inspiration.

The game seems to take a lot of influence from French cartoonist Moebius. Is that accurate? What else defined the look of the game?

GK: Definitely. There were loads of inspirations. It’s really funny because the actual very first inspiration kind of came from Star Wars: The Force Awakens . Like, the beginning where Rey is being raised on Jakku. What if she never left? What would that be like? And it’s all circular. Like Miyazaki/Studio Ghibli was a huge inspiration for me, personally. Jodorowsky’s Dune —Moebius was involved in that film project, and that was a big influence.

My background was that I studied architecture. So I’m always thinking about and looking at architectural stuff. We took a road trip when we did our first trailer reveal in 2018. We went from San Francisco to Arizona to Vegas. We went to Arcosanti to research these desert settlements, or like experimental explorations into how you could live sustainably in a desert environment.


No time for all those good games. Too busy with ACNH.


A free “game” to see if you have a good ear for foreign languages

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I missed 2 on my first run through, :grinning:

In regular, hard ? Omiglot is totally crazy with language as nahuatl (aztec) or african dialects. Even in regular that’s not easy to make the difference between cantonese and mandarin.

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Regular. Will try hard later. :smiley:
I have always been able to recognize people by their voice before their face. I am terrible with faces. But I can recognize someone I have not seen in years, by their voice.

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Auditory memory is often better than visual memory. probably because it’s easier to see something which “looks like” than sounds like.

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I See many of you building great bases so maybe you’d like to try an old game (still in progress) where you can build everything you want, in total freedom, alone or in coop.

You want to build a cabin ? A big modern house ? A village or a big town ? It only depends of your creativity and… time :sweat_smile:
You can see what a talented norwegian built:


Does anyone have a clue how to report a bug to Nintendo? Do I actually have to text or phone? I found a bug in ACNH DLC .

Maybe using their chat on their NA support site ?