Frontiers Observations/Wishlist

I too would like not only added lore but added ways to acquire it.

I had originally hoped that ruins would contain artifacts with lore and that monoliths would be big enough to investigate and find more stuff.

For me, that adds to the Explore pillar of the game.

The idea about clues pointing to distant systems also appeals. Again, that encourages exploration – moving onward.

I’ve wondered if ProcGen could allow specific galaxies to be “home” to a specific faction. That would encourage even more exploration.

BTW, anyone who agrees should consider submitting that as a recommended enhancement.


I carry a Terrain Manipulator as part of my Multi Tool but Settlements use cement mixers?


Yeah. They’re more concrete than the Terrain Manipulator “wave” action. :wink:


I think Travelers are basically biped shaped bundles of nanites, so we can do a lot more with a multi-tool, or even with what amounts to a hand wave (the construction menu).

This connects to the previous discussion, because I think the vague weirdness of the dialogs allows for tremendous leeway in “do it yourself” lore. I’m not sure that having HG provide an “official canon” is as good a thing as it may seem.

For my part I am slowly wrapping my tendrils around a NMS based fiction story in which the multiverse of NMS will serve as a reincarnation space for the collective species consciousness of a sentient species that frivolously consumes the resources of their world and extinguishes themselves from their reality of origin.


Sounds fun! :smiley:…and oddly familiar…


Procedural Story/Lore

I think that each race should have an “official canon” — Gek, Korvax, Vy’Keen, Traveller, Anomaly, Sentinel (and maybe even more soon :zipper_mouth_face: ) — as this provides a consistent narrative to their most basic origins. However, what we want is “infinite story/lore” in an infinite universe. Right? :infinity: So how do we accomplish — THAT?

Q. How do we accomplish infinity? A. I think the solution is…

  • Every Story/Lore Procedural

Uniquely random story/lore per all…

  1. 256 Galaxies
  2. Regions of Space
  3. Star Systems
  4. Individual Planets

…per race, that works with each races “official canon.”

I agree, and it goes without saying, really. That player-made story/lore blends beautilfully with procedural story/lore. After all, “How do we have a near infinite universe?” Procedural! — So, “How do we have a near infinite story/lore?” I think we will find that the answer is written in the vastness of many stars! :milky_way::sparkles:

EXAMPLE: We already have this for Frigate Missions. They come back with procedural story/lore. Right?


Advanced: How about a procedural reason for why a specific Region has a procedural name? :drooling_face: Ooo

EXAMPLE: The ancient people of Confluxium Void (Region). Now put that narrative with the other narritives, and add it to settlement narratives. What grand overreaching story/lore do you get? :pray:

Infinity? — It was written in the stars…

:alien: :open_book: :rocket:

“If one layer of procedural is not enough, add another layer.” :ringer_planet:


I have been waiting for them to go in that direction pretty much since release, but it doesn’t look like it’s the way they’re moving…


I think a procedural lore system would be a dandy way to fill in the cracks of whatever overall defined Lore the Team has built. It works pretty okay with the flora and fauna we encounter, though it is a little nutty sometimes. A creature with all the characteristics of a predator can live on the flesh of other fauna, to plants, gravel, and I think I even saw electromagnetic fields with one. And they could be completely docile.

The Gek, Korvax and Vy’keen see things very differently, and this is reflected in their chronicles. Some of this is in the lore revealed in the Planetary Archives. Any remains of the other previous races in the Civilized Age, as I put it, are going to have their own views on things, and no doubt won’t have a very high opinion of ATLAS or the Gek. And making this lore procedural in the other galaxies would be a great idea, using lore templates with assorted variables filling in the details, since Hirk and Dryn’dargh for example are definitely home to Euclid. But I’d have to think that the same sort of story should have played out, over and over, for the other 254 galaxies to have the same Three Races filling it, with ATLAS firmly in control.

I’ll admit that giving us “lore to a point,” where the true origins of everything including ATLAS are foggy might be the best way to go. This would give us the chance to weave our own narrative of history. And the snarky side of me would work that out with conflicting finds, leaving us to scratch our heads. This is true in our own history, where one side or the other of different cultures tell a different story, and it’s up to archaeologists to sort out the true details. I’m doing this very thing in my fic, where Nigel comes across widely differing accounts of things, leaving him to draw a conclusion on scant specifics. I chortle my devious chortle. :laughing:


Probably pre-Foundation and may have been mentioned before…

Find a planet with Salvage.

Hope out and locate a site.

Highlight the icon.

Fly there.

I use the Photon Cannon. Doesn’t matter if part of it is above ground or not.

The goods come to you!

Was helpful during the Expeditions to build up some inventory to cash out.


My current and completely unattainable wishlist is all base related, surprise surprise.

Directional, colour and intensity changeable light, mist, smoke, fire and electricity effects that are not tied to a visible base part.

Placeable npc’s that you can make in the appearance modifier and have them sit stand or walk about.

A range of sound effects, for example fire, electricity, swooshes etc tied to the noise box. (or maybe not tied to a visible item)

An expansion on message modules that you can hide and place next to stuff. Triggering dialogue only in very close proximity and displaying in the same manner as in game lore. With the option to show even when the hud is switched off.

I’m not asking for much eh? :smiley:

Edit: Oh aye, I forgot about the single destination base to base auto teleporters that would work across and between systems.


We are always wanting more “life” in our bases. We have our base techs. If we are ever given a way to make our bases and our settlements one, that will be even better. Another way to bring life to our otherwise lifeless bases, is through story. So, I would really like these

and I would like to be able to record little snippets of story on them much like on the derelict freighters. Not a broadcast message but a written message. It would be fun to place them around our bases and others be able to read them. Is that asking too much? :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Now if only game controllers had a microphone so you could dictate text for those new tablets (data pads).

My paranoia at hiding stuff when our house is empty got the better of me. I can’t locate my Xbox type controller (I used in infrequently but would like to try it on a recent game purchased.)

Hmm. I feel a Hello Games ZenDesk suggestion submission for tablets that accept text coming on. :smiley:


Nice idea. In Space Engineers, they have this feature: You can leave notes on datapads in cargo containers, beds, lockers, cockpit seats, etc. You can also buy datapads, they contain random messages and coordinates of NPC trading outposts. A streamer was creating encounters for other players, and he was collecting messages and short stories from the audience, for others to find later, it adds a nice touch.
If HG can handle comm balls that pop up messages, would datapads be much different? Admittedly a datapad visually needs a desk, and a comm ball is more flexible in where it can be positioned. Basically NMS has no persistent containers to leave items or messages behind, what is different in saving a base and saving containers, dupebugs…?
(In Space Engineers, there is no centralised match making, and every multiplayer game is isolated and hosted separately, so persistence is much easier, I guess?)


Suggest at:


Submitted :wink:


I love my new AI mech and Laylaps friends. However, it seems there is no way to make the AI “stay” without dismantling the AI…he follows me everywhere :roll_eyes:


Laylaps has a toggle to turn him “off” but stays in the inventory. It would be great if you could do the same with the mech.

(Yes, I finally got the mission to start and was able to build the mech yesterday)


Hmmmm…I yanked the AI motor out and the mech is still walking around… :ghost: It is alive!!! Where is the OFF switch? :laughing:
And while I am here, I have searched high and low and used a ton of settlement charts looking for a settlement on this wonderful planet I have found. It is heavily populated so there must be one somewhere…so my wish it that we could place a settlement where we want it to be.


With regards to base building and settlements. I like the settlements much more than base building these days. It would be nice if we could build those settlement structures anywhere there is a base computer placed. Perhaps build them the same way we do by adding materials and it gets buipt over time.

I use to love base building but with restrictions on time I havent done much base building so these prebuilt structures are a dream come true for me.


For settlements, I basically have three wishes:

One, only make a subset of them static and waiting for player intervention, while the others develop by themselves, or are static in some state of development, so that there’s more cool places to visit.

Two, connected to this, make Settlers like normal space station / trading depot / archive NPCs in settlements that are not owned by the player. Settlers in setlements not currently owned by the player have pretty much zero interaction value, making all but the one settlement even more uninteresting.

Third, make a development tree akin to the already existing crafting trees for building out your settlement, not just random “do you want this or that” events. Other random settlement events can stay, but should become a bit more meaningful. Some of them, like mediating a quarrel, are literally just clickbait…

I’m happy with the Sentinel update, though. It does what it’s trying to do pretty well.
It also seems to me that predators have become way more aggressive, which is cool. Might just be the planet I’m on, though.
I’d have liked them to also upgrade other combat enemies like creatures (give some of them some special abilities like camouflage, breath and spitting weapons etc) and sandworms. The monstrosities are fine, actually, if they’d enter buildings. Which they might now, I haven’t tried.

The only thing I’d wish for the sentinels themselves now is some way to counteract you entering the ship. Can’t they just start blasting the thing when you enter? Or, even better, they order in air support. You get in your ship, you have 10 seconds or so to get out again to cancel the order, or you’ll have some fighters bearing down on you. Time decreases with rising threat level. Yeah, that’s about the one thing missing from that update that I would have considered in scope (the other wishes aren’t really in the “sentinel” scope, so… maybe later?)