Frontiers Observations/Wishlist

Procedural Story/Lore

I think that each race should have an “official canon” — Gek, Korvax, Vy’Keen, Traveller, Anomaly, Sentinel (and maybe even more soon :zipper_mouth_face: ) — as this provides a consistent narrative to their most basic origins. However, what we want is “infinite story/lore” in an infinite universe. Right? :infinity: So how do we accomplish — THAT?

Q. How do we accomplish infinity? A. I think the solution is…

  • Every Story/Lore Procedural

Uniquely random story/lore per all…

  1. 256 Galaxies
  2. Regions of Space
  3. Star Systems
  4. Individual Planets

…per race, that works with each races “official canon.”

I agree, and it goes without saying, really. That player-made story/lore blends beautilfully with procedural story/lore. After all, “How do we have a near infinite universe?” Procedural! — So, “How do we have a near infinite story/lore?” I think we will find that the answer is written in the vastness of many stars! :milky_way::sparkles:

EXAMPLE: We already have this for Frigate Missions. They come back with procedural story/lore. Right?


Advanced: How about a procedural reason for why a specific Region has a procedural name? :drooling_face: Ooo

EXAMPLE: The ancient people of Confluxium Void (Region). Now put that narrative with the other narritives, and add it to settlement narratives. What grand overreaching story/lore do you get? :pray:

Infinity? — It was written in the stars…

:alien: :open_book: :rocket:

“If one layer of procedural is not enough, add another layer.” :ringer_planet: