Fauna 🦕




Finally got a Rock Runner on video - apologies for dodgy quality it was a mad scramble to record.




The head “top” on this looks similar to a real (extinct, of course) dinosaur. Cool.







Wow. That is big!


Yes. Running into a kaleidoscope of butterflies in NMS should cause you to get knocked around and even injured. This detail should be added in. :face_with_head_bandage: Then I would have a reason to visit the ship’s doctor on my Freighter. :smile:









Any ideas of how to photograph this animal? It’s not visible unless it’s being scanned and then it only shows as a dot. The dot mostly remains in a fixed location until you approach it too closely at which time it darts to a new location. It’s not underground. Sometimes it’s possible to Discover it.



I once encountered something similar. It was so tiny I had a very hard time finding it. That was several updates back. Have not seen anything like it since. The one I found was ‘swimming’ through the air.






Well those are unique. Kind of like a swordfish. I could use an extra skull, lol.
Here, I found a pomeranian…?


Did you ever see the “inflates when stressed?” That would be a cool behavior.


The only red detection dots that behave as you mention turned out to be software bugs, not bugs in the NMS universe. I had a cluster that would jump from location to location as you moved & scanned. They did not affect the Discoveries number of fauna found.