Experimental Branch Notes Content

Back in the days of our forefathers, when Atlas Rises was being released, HG_Hohbes (developer) often included a brief note of items or issues that were still being worked on when announcing updates to the Experimental Branch. Restoring this content to these notes would be a great addition and might also help to reduce the number of duplicate reports and large number of posts each reporting the same issue.


In a way there is nothing wrong with ‘duplicate’ reports, as the info provided may differ to further help pinpoint the issue. It also gives a good indication of how widespread an issue actually is. By saying an issue is ‘known’ it may result in missing out of important info as well as no longer being a good indication of how many users actually experience it.

I am not too keen on the way Zendesk works and would prefer to be able to search for issues already reported. This would allow users to add their findings to it, or just click a button to say you experience the same, while it basically sorts the reports internally at the same time. Many other games utilise similar support and reports of issues.

Either way, always report your issue as detailed as possible, even if others have already done so :wink: