Endurance update (3.94+) - discussion (possible spoilers)

a lot of the files have been shader / material updates etc. took a few snapshots…didn’t really pour through them, but nothing jumped out


Nothing new to download from Steam Public here. Are you on Experimental? It had a patch eight hours ago.


How did you manage to build inside the bridge? I got a messenge shooing me over to the buildable area.

Seeing your legacy freighter success story reminded me: When frigates where added, I experimented with them. E.g. I sent a 1-star low-class frigate on a too difficult combat mission and logged off for the day. The next day, HG released an update — I think the one that extended the frigate mission duration to ~24h.
I expected it to return damaged or abort the mission, but instead its timer stopped and it just stayed in the last system it was! I could even see it there.
And now (how long? A year later?) they added a button to abort the mission and I could call it back intact! :laughing: All its sibling frigates are already class A and S. :stuck_out_tongue:

Video from right before its timer stopped:


When the update with all the plants & trees was released, I fairly early on attempted to put them in my bridge area & made a weird botany filled area. In one of the patches soon afterwards this was nerfed but sometimes I could still get a random object in there like the little round floaty robot & the animated orange screened tv units if I was very picky about locating it.
Then I found I could only build in the entryway so I had a teleporter and a wayward cube up on the landing/entrance way to the buildable area.

This last update left the trees & shrubs plus the warward cube but the glitch items, the screens & the little robot all got lost.
Doesnt matter though because it was so crammed with stuff it was pretty silly & I only kept it for nostalgia because I couldnt put it back anymore.

I love that your long lost freighter was returned to you. Kinda reminds me of that Event Horizon movie. :rofl: Hope your crew was ok :grin:


I have not checked since this update but, I built everywhere inside my Bridge the same way you can build out of bounds on the ground. Stand inside the very edge of the build boundary which begins just as you leave the bridge area. I will check it later and see if it still works.
My bridge decos were still there with first endurance update but a later one made everything vanish except my wayward cube which sits very near the bridge exit into the buildable area


My bridge did the same, but right from the first update. I had some lights and frigate calves on the old side stairs which were obliviated, but my signal booster (mod-built) near the main doorway still remains.

The three rooms straight out of the bridge got replaced with new hallways, but interestingly I was able to delete them and restore the legacy-style rooms without disturbing all the original decorations which stayed intact. However, attempting to delete any rooms now does delete decorations as expected, so it seems I lucked out by immediately trying to fix things.


Happy cake day!


Oh, thanks! Mmm, cakeiversary. :hugs:


It was this issue that locked my area up for a while.
I’d deleted a Fleet Control Room but left a couple of decorations behind thinking they’d automatically delete as well. Nope.
What I ended up with was a collision problem with no ability to replace the room & delete the decor.


Can you place a (temporary) door and catwalk next to that spot and go out and delete the decorations from the outside? Or are they in an invisible limbo?


It’s fixed now with the new rooms… but it was broken for 2 & a half years :rofl: