Electricity and Piping 101

Slight bug or Issue to report.
More an annoyance than a serious issue.

When building using wiring looms, if you press ○ to go backwards out of the build menu, it leaves the glowing attachment guides just sitting there.
You need to exit using down on the directional pad instead to leave to prevent this…

Reactivating the wiring menu and doing the above is simple fix.


Same on PC

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Here are my findings on wire limits and how to reproduce my method.

First, I determined the build radius of my base. To do this I stood beside my base computer, opened the build menu and highlighted the portal schematic. I walked in a line with the menu open until the menu changed to the portable tech menu. I then closed the menu, looked down at my feet, opened my visor and placed a custom waypoint. This was the edge of my building radius.

The edge was 361u from my base computer, which as I understand serves as the center point of the circle you can build in. I’d love to see what other people get when they try this.

Second, I tested how fa I could build wires. I again started at the base computer and drew out one long wire and walked with it towards my waypoint. Once I passed my waypoint, the wire vanished and my menu was changed to portable tech.

I returned to my base computer and began drawing a new wire while walking towards the waypoint. Every few units I would set the wire and connect a new wire to it and start walking again. Just before the waypoint I set the wire and started a new wire and walked past the waypoint. The wire vanished and my menu changed to portable tech.

It seems we’re unable to build outside the radius of the base computer. I’d like to see if others encounter the same thing.

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    Just unlocked pipes and tested. It’s the same as with wires: you can’t build outside the build radius of your base computer. The interesting thing is that as I was walking towards my waypoint, my pipe cutoff at 302u from my base computer and I was unable to build anything except for portable tech. So now the buildable radius is changing!

Fun side note: Carbon Nanotubes can be stored in the ingredient storage of the Nutrient Processor. I’m scared about the possible recipes that implies.


The door to my main building on my base stays open. It won’t close.

My base is fully powered, so I’m not sure what’s going on.

I don’t need to run a dedicated power line to the door do I?

I’m hoping it’s just a bug, but I wanted to make sure.


@SirGreenDay: I have merged your topic here.

I do not believe this is an issue/bug, but meant to be open by default. Many players will likely use an existing save allowing them to power the base. It would be awkward to then right away find yourself with closed doors as soon as you add power.

You can run a power line directly to the door, which will then close it. More advanced systems with switches or detection is also possible. You may find some solutions in this topic (like the video posted above) or possibly in the topic linked below:


I have a door that has been stuck open since before Visions. I have a specialst terminal too close to it


i’d suggest trying to build out floor panels, or maybe just staggering building pieces in the direction of the electromagnetic pulse to increase your bases range first, then drop a generator on the source and run back with the wire activated. Then delete the filler pieces. Can’t say for sure but it works in my head :crazy_face:


Yes, that’s exactly what you need to do. Electrical door needs electricity, unsurprisingly.

Ack, darn it, wish they would not allow it in survivial mode.


The doors on my old base had the same problem. I added wiring to them and they did close, but then they wouldn’t open for me. Switched to Holo Doors which at least seem to work as before.


One thing electricity did do is make the prefab base parts much more practical; all you have to do is attach a generator to one building and every building attached by corridors automatically gets power from that generator, aromatically powers (most) things inside (only exception I’ve found so far is appearance modifier), and has built in powered lights. Also seems to provide power to my storage containers outside without wires


More detailed info on hotspots here

Edit: highlight for me

Let’s say that the nearest power site is about 800u away. Your base boundary is just shy of reaching that. So what do we do? We extend that boundary. How? With batteries. Batteries can only be placed in the base boundary, but they can extend it as well. Why batteries? Well, it makes connecting the power cables easier and you can see if there is an issue with the power along the way back to base.


They are open when they have no power (which is one hell of a security issue, but I guess it makes sense from a gameplay perspective). They are closed when they have power. In order to get a door to be opened or closed, you need a switch.


Thanks. Didn’t think about wiring a switch. Still staying with the Holo Doors though.

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Do the BUTTON or PROXIMITY switches trigger it to open and close? I havent found a use for button switches yet but havent tried hooking them up to a new panel door.

If its the smaller personell, door then colision with other objects holds them open

Of course they do. Anything that makes the power go off will open them, anything that makes it go on closes them. For things like the proximity switch that means you need an inverter, though, otherwise you get a door that closes when you approach :laughing:




Oh if this works this is great. Not perfect, but it will work. I started measuring distances between the hotspots close to my base and depending on how much the batteries extend the build radius this could be amazing.


That is going to be so useful when I finally power up my Legacy save and start retro-fitting all my bases. I was concerned I’d have to go solar but this is a welcome bit of info.