Editing Memories


Stumbled across this article - seems to kinda fit some themes - https://futurism.com/scientists-assert-they-will-soon-be-able-to-edit-human-memories/

“One focus of our current research is to develop strategies to eliminate problematic non-associative memories that may become stamped on the brain during a traumatic experience without harming associative memories, which can help people make informed decisions in the future – like not taking shortcuts through dark alleys in high-crime areas,” says Schacher.


Reminds me of one episode of Voyager: A race that erases all violent thoughts and criminal memories of their people to obliterate crime. The end of the story: A underground party developed which collected and shared exactly these :laughing:


Sounds like Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind to me, except they erased the associative memories as well. I don’t know how you could erase one but not the other. We’ll all get stuck in self-inflicted time loops.