Echo-64 has updated

Type hi into the search box - check the results. There is a massive code down the right hand side.

That same code comes up regardless of what you search for…

If you google Rickley G. Brown, the first link that appears is for the 1974 Canadian Hockey team. On the histroy page on the website, at the bottom of the page it says “After years of vertical growth and help from venture groups, Echo’s small starting team of 3 has grown to 1974+ employees worldwide!”

Coincidence, or giant leap.

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I’ve found that code myself - just trying to work out what the hell it is :smiley:

Hint for the hex sequences: GIF89a :wink:


Or, his initials are RGB…

I’m trying to find a way to reassemble hex code into a .gif file…I’m not finding anything…

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Except they are Secure Key…Not The Secure Key…and their logos are different.

Try Hex to Text first:
This will reveal the header showing the GIF89a format.

Yeah I’ve done that…But that’s only partially useful. Doesn’t mean a lot if we can’t convert the whole code back into a .gif file…

@DevilinPixy Thanks for the tips, but I still don’t know what I’m doing with it. I can get as far as pasting it into a txt file and then changing the extension but no dice there.

Yeah I found the gif89a from the hex converter but also not sure how to proceed from here.

Hex editor maybe needed?

I’ve been searching for almost half an hour for an app that would convert the other way…So far only found things that convert to hex…

Use this[{"op"%3A"From%20Hex"%2C"args"%3A["Space"]}]

Paste hex to Input, on Output click Save file to and make it a .gif file.

Do not include ‘112 97 115 116 101’ as part of the hex

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I’ve got an image - hard to read. Top part contains a series of xxx(s) - am I on the right path?

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I do not get that site as my first :confused:

Maybe because I search Hockey stuff once in a while… Google being google. Definitely coincidence then.

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@El_Hammy Can you share your image? Cuz no matter what I do I can’t get mine to go.

Never mind, I got it:

And I used this to convert it: