Easter Eggs, shoutouts, fun facts

I’ve noticed that HG hid a few winks and nods in 1.3. From the NipNip Buds and animal meme stickers of previous update, it’s been clear that they’re listening and they like to show some love back and get in on the jokes. So this thread is for any of those little touches that you’ve noticed, to say thanks, and to say “I see what you did there… :sunglasses:” as always, careful with any spoilers. Here’s a few I’ve caught:

-obviously that portal open animation.

-I noticed someone posted a screenshot of a mission with the Deep Thought Collective as a client, and last night I ran a package for the Galactic Hub Cartographers.

Anyone spotted any others?


Friends of the Space Whale is another client I noticed day one.

Space Whales were one of the biggest community queeries ever since the game was announced. It had become such a running joke over the years, some days Sean Murray would come in to the office to see yet again, another HG staff member had snuck “Space Whales” on to the whiteboard todo list XD

Can’t remember the exact quote but something like “I’m not sure whos doing it, but every week SPACE WHALES is written on the whiteboard at least once”.

Think it came from one of the gameinformer interviews or inside looks.

We finally got our space whales! Kinda…

It’s also widely believed that the Diplo Glyph is a nod to the galactic hub and its flag.


During the Traveler questline, the Atlas stone will state “Travelers are a way for the Atlas to know itself”, which is a takeoff of a famous Carl Sagan quote, “We are a way for the cosmos to know itself”


Lemmium - This is a nod to Lemmy, the late frontman of Motorhead. The description states the element is a Heavy Metal or something.


Deep Thought itself is the supercomputer in Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy. It was programmed to calculate the answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything.


Don’t forget Murrine & Grantine

Yeah, I assumed the folks that started that community chose the name for that reason and the in-game reference was more a shout out to the DTC than hitchhiker’s per second (though I’m sure there no shortage of Douglas Adams fans at HG :smile:)


Hello Games already have Hitchhiker references in the game such as the Gek slug thing that translates words like the Babel Fish, and the Total Perspective Vortex Award


I love the babel fish encounter. It’s one of the very few NPC interactions where, regardless of how many words I have or havent learned on that playthrough, I know exactly what to choose. Acxtually, on launch day I encountered it and without knowing what the Gek said I knew I was putting something in my ear!


“Heart of The Sun” is a reference to the classic Pink Floyd track.


One of the classifications you can get when you discover a wanted bounty ship is “Mostly Harmless”


-When searching Crashed Ships, you can sometimes find a dead robed being carrying a “laser sword” that yields weapon blueprints.

-I once found a corrupted A.I. in a Manufacturing Plant that was stated as to start singing a little ditty as I shut it down. I forgot what the reward was, however.


Client: Friends of the Space Whale


Any screens of this robed being with a laser sword? Or is it just in the descriptive text logs you find at a crashed ship?

nevermind edit : I just realised what thread I was in… Obviously its descriptive text haha, great find! Can’t wait to come across this myself :smiley:

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So it has been Nada sending out those cassettes? :joy:




Electric Sheep …?


Artemis and Apollo in Greek myth were brothers

Artemis was the goddess of the hunt. Apollo was the god of the sun.

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It’s a bit more complicated than that. The problem is that when these stories were first being recorded, there was no “Greece”. What is now Greece was then a loose collection of warring tribes and city-states, and they all had different variants of the myths.

Add to that the fact that the myths were almost certainly borrowed from earlier civilisations, but they changed over time, with location, and to suit local custom.

Then add to that the fact that most of the records of these myths that once existed are now completely lost. We know that many ancient writers recorded variations of these stories - but their works have not survived. We only know that they once existed from references by other writers.

The bottom line is that there is no definitive description of either Artemis or Apollo. They were many things.