Calibration 2 Reporting thread

Calibration 2 on project-wt should be starting sometime this weekend. So here is a fresh thread to report on any new developments with the next part of the ARG.


Mmmm, love that fresh thread aroma


Hopefully we get a enail tonight

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Urban Dictionary: e-nail

enail. Nailing some one that you met through email, a dating website, or on line in any way. The actual nature of the relationship is irrelevant.


Hey, it is Friday night after all!


well that escalated quickly


Now all the n00bs getting late on the thread when the phase actually starts are gonna have to see that blunder before any vital information. I like that.

Also: learned new word :rofl:


lol I like it

but still getting a (Email) tonight would be amazing

from discord
new “status” command output


“Mission Azure Voyage loading…”

Please see the last handful of posts from this thread:
As it seems @JoeyST has discovered a couple codes for that seem to work…

as it stands we’re working possible connections to azure

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I think it’s a crying shame if at least one of us doesn’t get enailed by the time all this is over, a damn shame!

Just in to say, I’m ready :smiley:

I guess unlocking the 4 locks will be a rinse repeat for the next 2-3 weeks?

Put in codes with decoder, wait for community or 24 horus to pass and unlock full image, figure out clue, wait til next day, get mission to take photos of vague thing. Wait a whole week for the interns to deplete coffee/donut reserves, start again.


I’ve been ready to enail some girl for ages. Oh well, waiting for that Special Someone… :heart_eyes: Ehh… I think it’s time for bed. Hopefully I won’t have weird dreams about parallel universes… or maybe I should!

Is is gonna also be taking pictures or something else?

Actually had a dream about that this week hahaha. And the Atlas gave me a morse code sequence in my dream.

Couldn’t remember it when I woke up. Just the first line: line line dot line dot dot. Probably meets absolutely nothing :stuck_out_tongue: