BEYOND has released! (plus patches)

Wasn’t sure where to post this so I figured here would do…

Started a fresh normal mode save today after a considerable amount of time not being able to play more than a snippet since SYNTHESIS.

The start was way easier than back in NEXT with lots of prompts.
Taking advantage of the huge storage, I spent extra time collecting base minerals and poking about on my starter planet before my first ship launch, amassing a respectable amount of necessary materials.
I was surprised to discover that Damaged Machinery doesn’t require minerals to access anymore but rather gives you something instead. That resulted in me receiving two S modules before I’d even left the surface!
I also discovered that Salvage Tech can sometimes just be on the surface now and one always accompanies a Damaged Machinery (although usually buried), which was interesting.
My home system has 5 or 6 planets with most of them being Lush (Starbulb) type worlds.

Is it just me or has NMS suddenly become really easy? As a Day-Oner (with a restart after each of the big updates), I’m a bit blown away at how much is handed to you now, since the Beyond/Synthesis updates.

I’m currently at the point where I’ve had my first intersteller warp and have just learned how to make some Warp Cells. I’m keen to see what other changes make life easier as I go.


I didn’t realize that there was a correlation between damaged machinery and salvaged tech modules. I will pay more attention to this going forward.

As for starting new, I don’t think I would have the heart to start completely over at this point. I would need a serious issue like you described to even consider it. And yes, NMS seems to be getting easier with each update.


I’ve still got my Legacy Save & my Next Permadeath Save.
Over the updates, I’ve had a bit of a go at each altered playthrough but have never gone far before stopping & later deleting.

This time I’m having a crack at a serious but slow playthrough & it is very different from before. Having had a (forced) break has allowed me sufficient time to approach NMS with a fresh mind.


I think you got lucky with your starter system. :wink:

That said, I agree that the game has gotten easier, though still not exactly easy.

As long time players, we still have the advantage of experience over a completely new player who hasn’t got a clue what those floating red boxes can do to you if you happen to laser down that tree while they are watching (as one example).

There are hazardous plants in caves that we know not to get too close to. We know that the environment will kill us if we don’t feed our health/shields consistently. That kind of thing.

I do have to say that this is the first time I have played hundreds of hours on a new normal save where I have not felt the dire need to install any mods, just to enjoy the gameplay.


This scene has been in the game since day 1. But Sean brings it to our attention now.

What’s he telling us?


Well, when we first began this journey, there were Korvax, Gek and Vy’Keen. Now we have more variety in the Anomaly. And we have the ability to choose from them for our avatar. Could we be getting more story to add in details about these other characters?


I can’t remember the dialogue from that particular scene but I’m guessing it’s got something to do with it.
I’ll pay closer attention when I get to it on my new playthrough.


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There is an update out, no notes as of yet


GOG claims there is a new build 2.26. As far as I know there was no experimental branch running.


Any hints on the content from those that have played after the update??


Waiting on anything official, but here are two links with the new update discussion:


Update 2.26:

Development Update

A minor game update to support the upcoming shop items has been released on all platforms today. We have another, more substantial update arriving in the not-too-distant future, and much more planned for 2020 that we look forward to sharing with you!

Thank you so much,


Release notes are up.



(Well, actually more like Head CuteThings - but you get the idea).


Commencing on Monday 27th, Polo’s Robotic Companion will begin compiling community research data to unlock a new category of customisation: coloured jetpack trails!

So now we can get together and put on an air show! :small_airplane: :small_airplane:

I wonder what is next on the agenda?
We have another, more substantial update arriving in the not-too-distant future, and much more planned for 2020 t


I hope that 2020 brings improvements that center on exploration.


I’d be happier if they could find a way to fix all the old stale zombie-bugs that never seem to stay dead, as well as fixing some that they are probably going to blame on the lore --again.

Coloured jet pack streams? Really, HG? :roll_eyes:

Glad you’re having fun with creating all these innovations, but please…


Farting Rainbows is now a thing


I can’t wait, :rainbow: