Base Pics are Amazing

We have some incredible pics of bases showing up. Thought they deserve their own space.


sorry to hear you had to start over, and almost died. I hated dying when the game first came out and I had to find my corpse to get all my stuff lol.

I just couldn’t at this point. I just hit 300 hours tonight and I play in creative mode, because I love exploriing and building lol.
I’m a bit annoyed at the fact that our signal booster no longer gives us the option to find Monoliths. I wanted to take a portal to Eissentam galaxy. I spent a couple hours looking for a monolith and using my ship to scan, with no luck at all. I’m building the mother of all bases. Here’s what I have so far lol.

Well off to sleep. Good night! Happy Travels!


Oh wow!! That is crazy!!!

:+1: :clap:


Thank you! Check this out. This will be my main base. I’m going crazy lol. I spent 8 hours yesterday finding my planet for this! I have a million more things I’ll do with this. :smiley:

Happy Travelingi!


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I’ll just add some more pics of my NEXT bases in this new thread, thank you. My favorite terrain is the purple/blue lush planets, but sadly since the NEXT update, have not found one lush. I’ve spent at least 30 hours and no lush. Oh well I’ve found some nice other ones.

Enjoy. I feel like an ant building sometimes, I just can’t stop.

Happy Traveling.



My apologies, for the duplicate post. I don’t know how I did that. I’ll be more careful.

Happy Traveling.


I’m sure all of us who’ve been playing since day one after foundation hit have wanted to build a base in an unusual location, and now I have! This was only a test however, and I will build my real base on a floating island on a beautiful planet. But good to know how far I can build, and its an amazing view. I didn’t post in this tread because the base is in normal mode.


I would be very interested to know where your ship ends up when you port back to your base.

Mal made his house on a cliff and when he ported back to his base his ship was so far underground he couldn’t dig it out and had to call it. (new start on PC-Steam)


So far mine has always ended up on the pillar a few feet from my base. I guess because at least of course in occupied systems a ship can land on your Landing Pad, that’s why they don’t have it default to there.



I love that you have had fun experimenting in different places with your bases. It’s fun, and sometimes really weird things happen. Thank God for our multi tools!
Whenever I log out, I always go to a space station or my freighter out of habit so that something weird like that happened to you doesn’t happen. That’s horrible about your ship being underground!
A lot of base structures that I have done too close to the beach, will get water in them, or on those high pillars some times the dirt and plants will fill back in on the floor. Its ok when I have a natural floor lol.
I do notice on the three pillars where I connected my bases that some of the blocks don’t show up when I did picture mode, it was like they were phased, so were windows, and other base pieces, that only showed up when I got close to them.
Sometimes you have to be careful that something you build doesn’t cause an animal to run around in circles because it can’t go outside the area, but I try to push or corral the animals away if I see them in distress. I love the critters in the game and try to feed and be friendly to as many as possible.

As of this morning, after the 1.53 patch my whole game got wiped out, so I’m waiting to hear from Hello Games that they are going to restor my save.
Happy Traveling Folks!


Recently I’ve been visiting uncharted systems in and around the ETARC hubs Star Chain. While the current status of our home is in limbo until bugs are rectified and online discovery services become reliable again, I’m still in the area making the place a little more welcoming for travellers.

So the idea is, I go to an uncharted system, I find a planet and I place a small base down with a trade terminal and teleporter, some I plan to even put several landing pads on.

They will be places of respite and refuge for travellers who happen to find themselves stuck in a system with no way to teleport home to a base or no place to trade.

I was going to make a unique thread for these, and post them as I build them but I’m not very good at that sort of stuff and maybe could use some advice.

I was thinking of starting an official division of the ETARC hub, it would operate similar to the CSFD except we would find uncharted systems locally to our hub and catalogue, build and upload outposts.

Anyway here’s a photo of the first of five outposts I’ve built so far, I limit it to one outpost per uncharted system just to speed the process up a little.


Cool. Little pyramids. :sunglasses: You could start a village with a community garden. Maybe a ball court like the Mayans had with one of the orbs from the ruins…the losers are sacrificed to appease the volcanic gods…:scream: :grin:


It’s not far out from the ETARC chain if you want to start an ancient civilisation there on PC, I bet @Polyphemus loves a good blood sacrifice too.

I can even send you the exact coordinates for this little spot on the planet since we now get a lon-lat position with the scanner now :slight_smile:

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Yes! I will go check it out!


Star Chain is on right with Akyotar set as destination (was this edison? I pretty sure it was or was close to what is now Akyotar.) facing centre, system location is marked by my capital ship symbol.

The following pictures will give you an idea of systems close by to the system, I also renamed the system but it was close in name originally, somethung with an R, but if its Uncharted , has same sun classification and same planet number you’ll know Yr in right place.

Uncharted systems will display as havng no race, economy, or conflict data when you have scanners installed if you have not visited them yet.

In one of the photos I’ve highlighted a blue star nearby that has not been renamed(Bayana), you can use this as another marker and if you notice in the screenshot, it’s got no data either meaning it’s uncharted also. I did not notice this when using it as a marker for my picture guide :joy:

Once you’ve found the system, planet will be furhest away from the other five and these are coordinates.


If you decide to visit on console, you’ll see my stuff on normal mode :wink:


Wow I have to sleep now but here is the base I worked all night on. Love your pyramid bases too Toddumptious!

If you put bases up on things like this, its hard to link some things together, but I work my way around it.

Happy Traveling


I can’t help but see a giant wrestling ring… Now I’m just gonna wait for Giant Ultimate Warrior to fight Giant Macho Man Randy Savage.

Looks great, a lot of hard work no doubt. Hope to have a base as big and expansive someday to share. Slowly getting there :slight_smile:


Ha ha, that would be a good wrestling ring :smiley: lol
I did not know the caves are so big, and I’ll try exploring and building in those.
I backed up this save on my PS4 in case of another messed up patch since I put about 8 hours into this base.
Going to find that planet that has purple and blue grass someday, and that will be my paradise :smiley:

Good night, and happy traveling!