Base Building Creations

Not sure about the angle. For now I stick with the 6.5° and I may give steeper a try if it doesn’t work out. Will have to try a grenade, never used those, but I expect the ball will collide a lot, losing all its momentum pretty quick.

Edit: Plasma Launcher has no effect on the ball at all.


My latest “base” (Not built in blender)


Update on the pinball machine.
(Save Editor +Blender)

  • Added some ‘sinkholes’ for increased difficulty, considering the game will be rather ‘slow’.
  • Added non-functional flippers
  • Added somewhat functional ‘slingshots’ to the front sides
  • Added the out-lanes and side-lanes
  • Added the ‘apron’ where you’d normally find the game info cards.

The player will stand on a platform, raised above the flippers. This just gives a better view while still being very playable. Behind the flippers, below the player, is the main ‘drain’.

I will be working on two more ‘ramps’ and additional ways to score. Perhaps another sinkhole or two as well. My main worry is the part count being currently at 2400, which does not leave much room for full logic (scoreboard). Will see how it goes … :wink:

Images with the glass removed:


It amazes me how a space exploration game with a bit of building thrown in, has become a weird sandbox for glitch-building aficionados, where somewhere in an immense collection of galaxies there lurks all manner of bizzare ‘bases’.
Very cool!


This is so very cool! :astonished:

I love how you just took on the challenge and ran with it. :heart:

Continuing to watch how you solve further problems creating this.
:+1: :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1:


Looks great! @DevilinPixy is a Pinball Wizard. :smiley:

I have a small suggestion for this thread. Should we divide it into ‘straight’ builds, glitched builds and blender builds? Or some other combination? My fear is that others who may be like me, may hesitate to post a straight build next to the more elaborate builds. It is also a bit confusing for those who may not realize the different build methods.
Or leave all as is?
Open to suggestions.


I think the audience might divide, a lot will likely never look at the other. But if you do, Glitch should include and mention Blender Builds.


Could be correct. So perhaps leave it the same unless others want a change.


Maybe leave the thread to include all, and change the title; remove the “Amazing”. That word often makes me hesitate to post here)

Maybe call it, “All Your Base(s) (…are belong to us)” :wink:


I like seeing all bases; from the basic functional space bases, through the ellaborate mansions, all the way up to the incredible ‘sculpture’ bases.


Nice new title! Thanks! :heart:


Another update on the pinball machine.
(Save Editor + Blender)

I decided to reduce the dimensions to lower the part count, which cut me down about 800 parts to about 1600. Then I had to redo pretty much most the work I had done already. It actually turned out even better in my opinion.

I have added some new things and altered some others. There are now two lower ramps, which go up and across (if fast enough). On the crossing are a few floor switches to register scoring. There are now three sinkholes, strategically placed :wink:

I’ll soon be ready to start wiring it all up and give the scoring a good thought. Not too sure about a decimal counter, as that dramatically increases the amount of logic/wiring required. You can see in a previous post how much it takes to just do a 4-bit counter (0-15). This would require a 16x4 matrix to convert to decimal (auto switches/inverters). Now imagine trying for something going into the 100’s, to then hook up a decimal converter. Decimal might be out of reach, but binary is fine I guess.

Images (glass removed):


Pretty nice work! :+1: :heart:

I remember the machines I played on being narrower at the bottom end (near the flippers) than at the top. Would that help reduce the parts count a bit more?

It looks like the parts reduction also pushed the innards a bit off centre, or is that just a camera-perspective thing?


Not sure what you mean, like a somewhat V-shaped cabinet?

The playfield is actually a bit off-center from the cabinet itself, basically not including the ball shooter lane width, on the right of it. With many pinball machines this is the case, although some have the flippers actually dead center compared to the cabinet, making up for the shooter lane width elsewhere. It becomes even more obvious due to the amount of symmetry I used on that axis.


I’m probably wrong. I haven’t had a chance to play for about 20 years now.

ahem… uh… carry on. :joy:


PS4 Normal Eissentam Materials Farms (Free stuff :wink: )

Available to harvest at 8 bases on 4 planets.

Empty planet Metal Mine

Large refining room

Farm for Exotic Plants

Hot Planet Sulphurine & Oxgen Extraction

Farm for Heat Capacitors

Medium refinery room

Lush Planet Nitrogen Extraction

Farm for Poly Fibre

Cold Planet Radon Extraction

Farm for Acid & lubricant



That is an enormous amount of work and resources you put into all that! :heart:

Very cool! :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1:


Thank you it’s been a long project but a fun one. :grinning:


Pinball update

(Save Editor + Blender)

I have been decorating a bit and filling in the parts around the lanes. Really enjoying this build and how it turns out so far. It needs more lighting as it is pretty dark with the glass in place. Then lastly all the logic, which should be ok with currently about 2100 parts.


Another quick update on the pinball machine, with the video below:

Scoring is sadly enough not going to happen, but a win state might be possible. I am currently at just over 2800 parts, which is barely enough (hopefully) to finish up the final touches.