Bandersnatch (Black Mirror Discussion - Spoilers abound)

I’ve been a Charlie Brooker aficionado since a friend in college showed me his Screenwipe series, incredibly appropriate viewing for a TV and Film student. So of course naturally, I’m a big black mirror fan (or a fan of anything he does really…) and thought it would be fun to discuss our journey through this choose your own adventure experience.

But first, an incredibly important decision… Which did you choose?

  • Sugar Puffs
  • Frosties

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I got what I believe most are referring to as the best ending, or at least the most common one. I got the bunny and I went on the train with mum.

Did you indulge your father in some forced therapy or did you run straight to colins? Did you take the droogs or refuse? Did you jump? Did he jump?

Answers on a postcard, please.

Also does anyone think Mr Poulter here would be a deadringer for 2D in a live action Gorillaz project?




There cannot be a live action Gorillaz project :rage:


I hear they will make a cameo in the next planet of the apes. :grinning:
A Saturday morning cartoon (that’s not a thing anymore, IK.), kind of like fat albert and the Crosby kids or Josie and the pussy cats. :smirk:

I don’t have any post cards

My eldest got the Netfix ending. Had to try again myself to see it.

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I’m a big fan of Charlie Brooker too. I got the 2.5 stars and 5.5 stars endings. I think I got a 0 stars ending too, will definitely be going through it again.

It was filmed in the town I work in (Croydon) and I saw it being filmed earlier in the year. The office building is by East Croydon station and the old shopping arcade had a few shops converted into an 80’s W.H. Smiths and Wimpy.

Dark Mirror and Inside No. 9 (not Charlies but still awesome) are two of my favourite series.

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