Atlas Pass V4 and a change of address

So I recently moved home (for anyone wondering where I’ve been, thats a great excuse but really I just got a PSVR headset last week and have been sucked out of this reality momentarily) and I was wondering…

Any way to change the address they have on database for me to my new one? And if I do so, what are the chances changing my address will also muck up my eligibility? I dunno the answer to either of those questions but hopefully somebody here does? @oldgods I’m looking at you and your many tentacled face, good buddy.

Sorry if theres a better section for this than Gen Discuss.


@toddumptious ,

I was thinking about the same thing when I was going through the process of getting my address set up with The Old Gods. What if I did something wrong and the Atlas Pass never gets to me? Would it get returned and then maybe they would give me a chance to reenter the address again?

I really would like to get one just so I can carry it around in my Wallet (If it is Credit Card Sized) and flash it around in RL for fun heheheeheh :laughing: but mostly I feel that all of us at the CSD are fortunate to be included in this Community :desert_island: :slight_smile::call_me_hand:

PS: Maybe, just to be safe, Hello Games should have TheOldGods send out a last minute confirmation through Email with address information included to give us a chance to make changes to the address they send our Atlas Passes to?


No real way to change your address with them. Your best bet is to contact your postal service and ask them about a mail forwarding option. If not then you could try to contact HG support but I am not sure if they’d handle something like that since that’s not how the mailing addresses were handled to begin with. But it might not matter in the end in nobody gets any.

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L Plays Gaming (one of the bigger NMS Youtubers) also moved recently and expressed worry that he will never get an Atlas 4 Pass as a result.

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Emily has foreseen it, and already knew your future address when it mailed the passes to you. At this rate, anyways, I hope my future grandchildren know what to do with it…


You are 100% correct, she predicted all of this!

Thanks for the reassuring words guys. If worse comes to worst, my old housemates still live there ^ __ ^


Are the actual passes shipping? I’ve been out of the loop on matters for a while due to insane workload (no time for games…)

Yup should be shipping soon, though knowing hello games the delay probably has something to do with some grand new scheme or repurposing they have in store for them. That or the people they’ve sent the materials off to to get produced, are super unreliable :3 I have my whole life ahead of me to wait for one, thats assuming I even get one, so I don’t mind waiting weeks, months, years even haha. Can’t speak for everyone though :smiley: A lot of people eagerly anticipating em!


We have no idea…last update we got was over a month ago and it’s now been three months since we were told they could take “several weeks” to arrive…so really nobody outside of HG and whoever is dealing with them knows when or IF we’ll ever see any of them.

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OK, good to know ppl. :slight_smile:

Yeah I have brought this up before, I am moving to a different country to an area with very unreliable postal service, no mail forwarding for me.

I just don’t understand why they didn’t manufacture the passes before asking everybody for their addresses.

Honestly I cannot think of one aspect of the marketing and development of this game has had one iota of logic behind it from HG.

One would hope that there will be a type of email verification, probably connected to the next part of the ARG. Everyone had a unique identification & classification linked to their personal information. A change of details would easily be rectified via email contact.
I’m suspecting a change of plans has altered the circumstances by which they intend to distribute the passes. Perhaps they are hiding something new in NMS that will require a pass to access. There has to be a reason they have held off for so long.


I can’t figure they’ll put something in the game that’s only accessible with a physical pass…if they go for some game content I am certain everyone signed up to get CSD emails will get a way to access it if not everyone full stop.



Yeah the Atlas V4 Passes will probably have only an ARG use. I don’t suspect that you will gain any in game lore from it. I am excited to see what they actually look like :slight_smile:

Like @Mad-Hatter said, having a few more options (any verification) to verify current address would be nice :slight_smile:

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I am very excited to see them and hopefully get one , I don’t think the passes will have in game content (I could be wrong could be right could be whatever) but I’m still curious as to why its taking so long I mean its been what since August since the Arg ended and we still haven’t heard much so yeah its anyones guess really (Really do wish Hello Games or Alice&Smith were abit more open with whats going on (I mean if it is some kind of secret then of course I can see why they aren’t telling us but on the other hand the waiting is driving me crazy or it might just be the space madness but oh well I guess its back to going over my theory of why I think Emily might really be the good person in all this and why the ARG wont return till fall of 2018


That is one epic run-on sentence bro.


Yes yes it is.

I don’t really notice things like that when I’m doing long posts so please forgive the grammar issues .:sweat_smile:


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Maybe V4 will unlock some decorative rooms with a little bit of pointless resource in them.
After all the effort that has been put into acquiring them, that would be a great reward that will make players feel like it was really worth their time… right?

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