Anyone Using OBS For Screen Capture?

I am using OBS because NVidia GeForce will not record VR. It records desktop and other apps just fine but when in game it records really choppy and poor quality in both desktop or VR play. This even with settings someone had posted as optimum for NMS. Anyone got any ideas? Ta!!


I did try OBS a few years ago, when I was using an AMD card. I found the AMD in-game recording software unusable. OBS could be made to work, but only with low frame rates and low screen resolution. Otherwise, I got choppy recordings with lots of dropped frames. It may have changed by now, but back then it was also really tricky to configure OBS to record games.

Nowadays, I have an Nvidia GTX 1080, and the Nvidia recording software works fine.


Have you tried this plugin? Heard it working pretty well for some.