An Ode to Snappies


How close is close enough? And there is a 5th one not far away.

If only the one on the right would scootchy over just a little to the left.


I would give that to you - but I consider you the arbiter of that decision :smiley:


Well, before NEXT I was never able to find 4 that close together. Obviously something has changed. With the 5th one so close, it makes me wonder…Funny thing was, I zoomed in for a shot of the 2 on the left because they were back to back. It wasn’t until I panned the camera around that I saw the other 2 on the right…I almost missed them. :sweat_smile:
I was originally spurred into this hunt because I frequently found 3 growing closely together…I am still not sure this is it. I would like them to be closer. This does, however, make me wonder and a little bit afraid. Just how big of a gathering might there be out there? :scream:


Winner! Winner!


Planet of the Snappies.


Do not get out of your ship if you land there.
I wonder how much carbon you’d get from that planet?


YOU MONSTER! :scream:


It’s a crossover post! :grin:
NEXT- What’s On the Other Side Pics

Know if you can find four snappies straight in row. @sheralmyst


And the current record goes to @sheralmyst!
That is the closest one ever seen! :medal_military:
Until further discoveries… :wink:


This one’s flexing. :muscle:

Sheltered between some eggs.


Sentinel shooting Snappie!?

Snuggling Snappie


Just a Snappie