Alien multi-tools


Never thought I would switch from my 24 slot multi-tool, but after putting so many hours into No Mans Sky, I’m more interested in unique finds than maxing out slots. Feel free to share your Alien multi-tool here.


This was taken a long time ago, but here’s the only alien multi-tool I’ve ever found.


Whoah, that is cool! Love the name too.


I just found the A class with better bonuses, maybe I will find the S class :slight_smile:


I don’t like them. I’m an artist at heart so I want my tech to be studly looking.

Now if I could have three Multitools, I’d have one of the weird things.


Found the S Class :slight_smile:


Haha how long were you searching that planet for the S- Class equivalent? I can’t remember, are the multi-tools generated per planet or per system again? I know the ships are per system, but can’t remember how it is for the multi-tools.


Hahaa, I spent too long at a facility with a multi tool drawer playing reload roulette and then took a break and eventually found a VY’Keen who was like ‘well, here’s a free multi-tool’ and there it was. All good fun, I like having little goals in the game :stuck_out_tongue:

I saw the same couple multi-tools appearing with different classes and stats on that single planet. Actually I didn’t check the other planets yet, I’ve been here since I warped in.