65 DOS Studio Session

not sure what category this is, but some people might like to see 65 Days in the studio:

from march this year


I for one liked seeing that! nice post @ekult - Inter-dimensional sonic skills from the travellers of sound!


yeah, they really know how to crescendo


Thank you so much for this post @ekult…I loved listening to this and watching, is one I hadn’t seen! My first ever intro to 65dos I will never forget, was ‘A Night Under No Man’s Sky’ at The Plastation Experience (not in attendance, just watching the video like most folk) and was so blown away I went and bought their whole CD back catalogue, then their vinyl Silent Running soundtrack and then, as the most incredible birthday gift ever, a fabulous fellow CS of mine who shared the WT experience with me, then went and got me this:


They give my skin shivers, they really do, in the very best way…
…going in for another listen, thank you again :headphones:

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