Hey sheralmyst it never left us, it was just broken!

Glad to see now that game killing bugs are handled they’re moving on to the less serious but common bugs, as is tradition :slight_smile:

This might be my favourite bug list yet. Fixes so many of the issues I’ve seen the CSD endure and a good few of my own too :smiley:

Especially the lengthy wait when handing in missions, made my VR streams a bore fest as I tend to turn missions over in chunks of twenty at a time :slight_smile:

Tha ks for the update Yemp <3


Anyone on 3xperimental tried the free scaling and rotation? Curious to know if actual building parts can be scaled or just cosmetics etc


Will check when I get back to base…

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I am not playing in 3xperimental, so for now I am not able to give this a try. I have however seen the option, but never been able to get it to work. It appears to only be available for some of the more cosmetic items, for example the Wall Fan.

Would love to give it a try once it moves to the default branch. The rotating is possibly even more interesting and I have heard good things about it :wink:


Me too, really looking forward to the next PS4 patch. Being an irl red headed stepchild I’m finding the lack of PS4 love atm quite traumatic :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Ok . Just a short experiment.
Scaling seems to be limited to decorative items.
Rotation is available on all items.
Here is a sample of the scaling
Normal size

smallest scale

largest scale (which is too large for the room)

Rotation on base parts is very nice and smooth but does not allow for snapping while in rotation mode but does allow for a fairly precise alignment. However, it only works on ground level. I was not able to rotate and place a wall on top of a wall.


Thats great. If you can rotate and place at ground level, that opens up a lot of possibilities with a bit of planning and deleting :slight_smile:
Possibly the only thing left that’s an annoyance is the enlarged collision detection Beyond brought, making Next level glitch building about impossible. Need to see if floors can be laid on top of those walls when you build a hexagon for example

Oh, and thanks btw


Yes there are some interesting possibilities. And you are welcome!

It is like I suddenly have the power of the whole universe in my hands. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

There is a little bit of an issue with things not always being perfectly straight. Notice the bottom ‘vents’


From Steam:

Experimental Branch 30/08

  • Fixed a number of issues where technology was not being correctly detected in exosuits and starships after being moved around or between inventories. This includes being unable to recharge hazard protection.
  • Fixed an issue that was causing starships to vanish when landing on space stations in systems with a high number of ambient freighters.
  • Introduced a number of CPU and rendering optimisations for OpenVR.
  • Introduced better error messages when the game fails to start because of Vulkan compatibility issues.
  • Allowed users to choose preferred GPU on startup in cases where their discrete GPU driver requires an update but their integrated GPU driver does not.

Ahhh darn it! The advantage was that my hazard protection never needed recharging because it never drained. It was so nice!

!!!:stop_sign:Today’s update has tanked my FPS and Steam keeps saying that Steam Client Bootstrapper is not responding. I can not even go out to the Steam page to interact with it. Goes straight to white screen. :stop_sign: !!!
My FPS was in the 50’s and at 60 now it is below 20 FPS and the camera is in a constant state of shimmy. Everything has a constant shake. Even on the menu start screen, my cursor is very jerky.
Only affects NMS. All my other games work.
Edit: NMS currently dead for me…waiting for a fix


Guess who’s back on the display when on planets. Yep , North and South markers.


Can you give this a try and let us know if that helps?


I know it was not fixed in Steam Beta earlier because that is what I was in.
I had nothing forced off…
Opting back into Steam Beta…
My original settings
Those instructions are very confusing. I forced off both in Steam Beta. My frame rates are back but I can not use my controller. Not an acceptable option.
So I tried this
This resulted in the use of my controller returning but my fps tanked again.
I reversed the above test and lost the use of my controller but regained my fps…so the only way to play NMS currently, is with the keyboard…which is not an option for me.


I guess it was worth a shot. Hope they can sort this issue soon, so you can play again as you normally would.


I reported it both to HG and Steam Beta. Hoping for an update when I get home.

No update, but at least I am not alone. :persevere:

Ripped a ROM to pass the time. It ain’t NMS but it will have to do. :smile:

The Saga continues…
If Steam pops up and says Playing with a controller? Launch in Big Picture mode, ignore it. Doesn’t work. Same issues. Blech…is all I can say about that mode. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
When you try to exit NMS, get the same Steam Client Bootstrapping blah blah blah…this is depressing.


Oh man, I miss my MAME ROM program. Arcade Emulator for PC and I had the best games I grew up with. Dig Dug, Defender Etc… One game would run but not without trying to fail and that was one of the first four player games called Gauntlet. When those games came out on Atari, the Pachinko machine started collecting dust :roll_eyes:


Well, I have run through almost every option I can think of. I well and truly opted out of Steam Beta. Cleared Downloads in Steam. Restarts and sign-ins galore, complicated by Steam Authentication…the only thing left is to opt out of NMS experimental. That means d/l the game again…which takes forever for me.
I guess I will take a few days off. Maybe by Monday…


You and I are having similar issues, yet I have never been in 3xperimental in Beyond. Regardless I hope something works for you, soon.

I’m seeing that my friends who play are all having different issues, even though we have similar rigs. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Take a vacation from no mans sky by playing more no mans sky (on console) :stuck_out_tongue:

Every bug procedural. Every glitch unique.


I turned on PS4 for a few minutes but couldn’t bear the thought of another new save. I may indulge in Creative PS4 play and try to work on the new glitch building.